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How to bring a weapon into a King's room for Mount & Blade

How to bring a weapon into a King’s room


You know how you can’t have a weapon with a King or Lord around? I’ll teach you how to bring weapons within a King’s view! (Sadly, you can’t kill them)

Step 1

First, start MB. A pop-up will come up and it will say: “Play Game” and “Configure”, click Configure. Next, at the top of the pop-up, click: “Advanced”. Then check the box where it says: Enable Cheats.
When you are done, click: “Okay” and start the game. Choose whatever save-file you want and travel to a Castle.

Step 2

Once you get into the Castle, look forward so you are not looking at the guards

Step 3

Once you are positioned that you can not see the guards, look down at your key word and press: Ctrl+F4 at the same time. You will see in the left bottom corner of your screen words that will pop-up and say something different for each Castle, but the words will say something like this: Rhodok Veteran Spearman knocked unconscious by: (whatever your character’s name is)

Step 4

Walk straight up to one of the guards and this will show:

(Note: Sometimes you can’t pick up their weapons, so don’t get mad at me if you can’t)

Step 5

Press: “F” to pick up the weapon.


Now, you know how to pick up unconscious guards weapons!

(Note: The weapons don’t really hurt the King or Lord, it just looks cool)

(Note: Sorry for this stupid guide, I just couldn’t resist) 🙂