Car Mechanic Simulator 2015 Guide

How to buy a car off the Auction center 100% condition for Car Mechanic Simulator 2015

How to buy a car off the Auction center 100% condition


Are you just too lazy to build your car? then you can buy it 100% off the market! 🙂


No cheat engine requried.

I forgot to talk about that afterwards. Kinda too late now 🙁

Important Requirments

Things you will need when doing this

  • Car Mechanic Simulator 2015 (ovbiously)
  • Knowledge of the inner computer
  • Access to change/edit files
  • 9000 XP
  • A big amount of cash (because when we glitch the car to come out new, it will be very very expensive)

Starting off

Before going to step one, remember this car.

If you’re wondering why I just bought this car for 500 then take a look at my other guide I’ve made. (and yes, it was by accident!)

And, no. we’re not going to work on this car.

And before we actully do start, get a backup folder for external uses. This should be required. Have you never used backup folders before? Still comfused? A backup folder is when you screw up, its like a “Restart” button.

Step 1.

First, go to you’re Car Mechanic Simulator and click Properties.

Please note, I have my steam skin changed, so it will look different from your’s. If you want to hear more about this, go to the Credits.

After you go to properties, go to Step 2.

Step 2.

After you get on properties, this is what it will look
Go to local files after you get here.

Also note, when having a different Steam Skin, the buttons will be in different order. Please be aware of that.

When you get there, Press local files. To make this easier, there is supossed to be 4 buttons.

Step 3.

Now you will end up here:

This is where you are supossed to be afterwards. If you cant get there, double click the pathway and paste this in.

C:Program Files (x86)SteamsteamappscommonCar Mechanic Simulator 2015cms2015_DataDatacars

Step 4.

Now this is very important. You should only do this to one car at a time. If you do it to ALOT of cars then you could get a forever loading screen. Be careful when doing it.

Go do one car. Just one car. I’m going to do the Salem Kieran.

Once you have picked the car you wanted to do open up the text document..

Step 5.

The car I’ve chosen has a sloppy list, but that dosen’t matter today. The only thing that matters is doing it right.

Now, scatter through the text until you see [Logic].

And look in that section until you see these 3 things

PannelCondition = (your number), (your number)
PartCondition = (your number), (your number)
GlobalCondition = (your number), (your number)

Once you have found those 3 things, change them all to a 1.0. Make sure its a tenths decimal place

Step 6.

Once you have finished that, save the Text file.

Let’s see the results!

Before editing

After editing

You will need alot of money to buy this car!

The car is 100% Everything is there, engine, suspension, drivetrain
There are some body pannels missing, but the body pannels that are there are 100%





I didn’t work on this car at all.

I think you will make more money stripping this thing down and selling all the parts.


Made by Jared704

Photo and quality made by Me

Drawing and art was made by Me

the amazing Discussion board out there encouraged me to make this 🙂


My steam skin: Metro For Steam[] Check them out 🙂

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