Batman: Arkham City – Game of the Year Edition Guide

How to change game language for Batman: Arkham City GOTY

How to change game language


This is guide that shows you how to change in-game language for Batman: Arkham City – GOTY.


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You might have realized by now that there is no way to change game language from the game settings so, for this to work, you have to edit two game files and this will require some knowledge about your OS. I advice to create backup for those files.

First, find the following files:
– C:Program Files (x86)SteamsteamappscommonBatman Arkham City GOTYBmGameConfigLauncher.ini
– C:Users<Your_User>DocumentsWB GamesBatman Arkham City GOTYBmGameConfigUserEngine.ini

You can open these files using your default MS Notepad.


On Launcher.ini, find these lines:

default=Int en=Int fr=Fra it=Ita de=Deu es=Esn es-MX=Esm pl=Pol ru=Rus pt=Por

For a backup, copy these lines and paste them below the original. Add “;” at the start of all the lines on the original lines, this will mark those lines as programmer comments and the game will not actually read them. Now, on the lines you pasted, change the last three character with the letters for the desired game language. This step is just an extra measure to force the game to use the language you want it to use.

Here’s an example if I want the in-game language to be Russian:

;default=Int ;en=Int ;fr=Fra ;it=Ita ;de=Deu ;es=Esn ;es-MX=Esm ;pl=Pol ;ru=Rus ;pt=Por default=Rus en=Rus fr=Rus it=Rus de=Rus es=Rus es-MX=Rus pl=Rus ru=Rus pt=Rus


Now on the UserEngine.ini file, simply use the same three characters code after “Language=”. Here’s an Example of what it would look like if I wanted the in-game language to be Russian:

[Engine.Engine] bOnScreenKismetWarnings=FALSE bSubtitlesEnabled=FALSE PhysXLevel=2 bPhysXPatched=True Language=Rus