Fallout: New Vegas Guide

How To Change The Main Menu Theme for Fallout: New Vegas

How To Change The Main Menu Theme


A guide that will take you step by step on how to change Fallout New Vegas’ theme to your choosing.

Step Zero: Preperations

What you’ll need

An installed copy of Fallout New Vegas
An MP3 that you want to change the theme with

And those are literally the only things you’ll need.

Step One: Locating the Current Main Theme’s File

In a standard installation, Fallout New Vegas is installed here:
C:Program Files (x86)SteamSteamAppscommonFallout New Vegas

But sometimes users may install it somewhere else, in which case you have to find it yourself. I cannot help you on that.

Now, in order to get to that place on Windows, click the icon on the task bar that’s four boxes (If you haven’t changed it’s icon or the taskbar’s location) on the bottom left of the screen. You should see a tab that says Computer (XP-Vista-7) or This PC (8-8.1). Double click it and you’ll see some folders and some icons. Double click the folder that says (C:) and then you’ll see more folders, but the one you’re looking for is named “Program Files (x86)” but without the “. Double click it and you’ll get even MORE folders, and you may need to scroll down if you’ve installed a lot of programs. Locate the folder named “Steam”, once again without the “, and double click. You’ll get more folders, but unless you have a small screen, you’ll be able to see a folder named “SteamApps” near the bottom. Double click it, and then double click the folder “common”, which should be the first thing in the folder. You’ll see a folder called Fallout New Vegas. Double click it, and you’ll get a bunch of files and a few folders. Double click “Data”. Locate “Music” and double click that. Double click “Special”. Congratulations, you’ve found where the main theme is.


Step Two: Setting the Theme

After the first step, you located the file that contains the theme, MainTitle.MP3. Keep the window open so you don’t have to backtrack. Open up where you have the MP3 of the song you want to use as the theme. Right click it, and select a tab titled “Copy”. Open up the window that with MainTitle.MP3. Move (or delete) MainTitle out of the folder. Right click in the window, and select “Paste”. Right click the file that just you just pasted and click “Rename”.

Rename it: MainTitle
It is CASE SENSITIVE. Do not add .MP3 to it’s name. IT MUST BE AN MP3.

And that is it. That is all you have to do.