Car Mechanic Simulator 2015 Guide

How to cheat money without Cheat Engine. for Car Mechanic Simulator 2015

How to cheat money without Cheat Engine.


You dont wan’t viruses, right? Just do it a classic way, Editing files!Requriements: 9000 XP (atleast) and a parking lot, and acessibility to the Auction center


I made this guide spefficly to prevent viruses from Cheat Engine. Yes! there are viruses when you download Cheat Engine!!! Don’t fall for it! Just do it the classic way, editing files!

Read this: [link]

Important Requirments

Some of these were already mentioned in the Introduction but, you will need

  • Car Mechanic Simulator (ovbiously)
  • 9000 XP
  • Permission to go inside of you’re computer (like acessing files)
  • Enough Cash to buy a car
  • Buying the correct car (you will know more in Step 4.)

If you do not meet these requirments, then you are not capable of cheating.

Step 1.

I have already done this, but imagine it as if I’ve never done it yet

Unfortunately, I don’t have a cheat for XP. I earned my XP!

Step 2.

Go buy a car, maybe a cheap car. you need atleast 9000 XP. I don’t recomend the Salem Kieran for a reason.

I just did the Bolt Hellcat instead.
But that dosen’t mean you have to buy a Bolt Hellcat. But you should buy the cars with the straight list. I will talk more about that in Step 4.

Step 3.

Now go to this pathway:
It should look somthing like this:

Step 3.5

You can also get here by right clicking Car Mechanic Simulator 2015 and clicking on properties

And then click Local Files and click Browse Local files. You will get hathway there.

Step 4.

Now, I recomend a list that looks like this:
Theres a reason why I dont recomend a list that looks like this. I will tell you more in step 6
That dosen’t mean change it differently.

Step 5.

Find where it says UniqueMod and change it to a value higher than 1.45.

The decimal is very important. It should be kept of a decimal like this.
I think I realized what I did to hate the Salem Kieran

I didin’t put a tenths decimal value. Like I said, It’s very important.

Change that 1.45 to a 200.45, But make sure to not go over, or else you will have negative value. But you can still go over a little more.

Step 6.

I regret doing the Salem Kieran. Make sure its a straight list before doing this.

There are more cars that have list’s like that, make sure that you dont touch those. Only touch the ones with the straight list.

If you done somthing like this, you’ve done somthing incorrectly, go back and check what you done.

If you have this, then Congraulations. You’re now Donald Trump

You’re done.

Its that easy. Right? You now got unlimited money.

The Salem Kieran turned into a nightmare. Don’t waste times on list that look like that.

Also, When you do this glitch, you will also gain alot of XP.

1000 = 1 XP.


I achully screwed up the Salem Kieran.

Lessoned Learned. Always have a backup. Maybe repeat it like this, if you want a free car?



Me for the making of this guide

Me for the Picture and Quality

The helpful disscussion list that encourged me to make this guide

Thank you for checking out my guide!


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One last thing

Heres something I do not want to hear about in the comments
“hey ch3at engi13 is 9999 times batter than y0ur stoopid ol trick”