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How to cheese Big Chunk for Muck

How to cheese Big Chunk


This a Guide on how to effectively kill Big Chunks in Muck

Big Chunk

Basically, you want jet packs. Two or three, to be exact, and as soon as possible. You need to build up about 2 roof pieces, and place a crafting table on the line in between the two. The, use a bow to destroy the bottom roof piece. The crafting table will stay. Then you can build more roofs up and create a platform at the top will all your essentials, such as furnaces, anvils, cauldrons, and much more. You can use the jet pack to get on to the base, but mobs can’t damage it. Only Wyvrens can get to you, but they don’t come until late game, so you will be prepared by then. You should have a big 7×7 platform by the time they come. This base ensures that you can safely farm without being killed at night, let alone your base. For the killing of Big Chunk , use a bow and arrow. A basic bow and flint arrows melt him the first time he spawns. You will need a better bow and better arrows by night 8 though, because 3 of them spawn at night 8. This might not work, just came up with it so idk.