Car Mechanic Simulator 2015 Guide

How to completley fix a car for Car Mechanic Simulator 2015

How to completley fix a car


Today we will completley fix a whole car

Step one, buy a car

If you havent already guessed, to get a car go get one from the phone! Wait no, thats not right.
*Ahem* Go to the garage doors and go to the auction site

Step 2, The basics

Now go to the parking lot and get your car out!

Looks crap right? Lets start by stripping the car’s body parts first

Step 3, stripping everything off

Now, we need to completley get every part off from the car. This should take a while but it should be worth it afterwards…

Your car should look empty inside

Step 4, Putting all the parts together

This part is important, if you want to get 100% restoration, all of your parts need to be 100% in condition. You can either buy new parts or repair. Im using a diffrent car so it has a diffrent catalog
But it should look like the one with the basket

After you put in all the parts in, put in new oil if you havent already…
When you put in oil make sure you stop after the oil can goes up.

If the oil isnt at the half-way point, then put in more oil
After you put in all the parts you car should look a bit like this

Step 5, final details

Now we just need to add the body parts…

Mabye even a paintjob?

But there you have it, a pile of junk into a masterpiece…


Gallery (in progress)

Here are some cars that i repaired…

Tempest Magnum

Delray Imperator

Salem Kieran