Castle Crashers® Guide

How To Crash Your Castle for Castle Crashers

How To Crash Your Castle


First of all, this is for every-player. Including YOU. I am a very experienced player and I dont want to mention anything I know. So here is a guide…?

First of All

When you join a castle crashers game.


Expreince Farms

The number one exp. farm is the Troll’s Forest in insane mode. If you have maxed out your strength in the beginning then this will be THE BEST for you. It won’t be bad. If you have like 6 strength, then you need to lift weights. The best sword for this farm is…
(Of Course,) The best spot to farm for the experience points is the boss fight with the Mama Troll( doing some serious pms), but you can still farm on the other parts. Here is how: (*drum roll please*) The way to farm (on pretty much any level) is to use your skill/combo you get at level 2, the one where you press ALL of your buttons and hope for the best 😉
At the troll boss in insane mode, if you are (of course) farming, it will kill you. So instead just do not die, just press buttons like you are high af.
Veer clear from the fire while you are high af. And veer clear from the mama so you don’t get caught, and so she doesn’t act like a complete Trump-et. If you accidentally run into her with a d*ck in your a*s, just simply turn around. Other than, that just wing it. As long as you stay off the floor, you are getting good exp, even if you are a retird af, eventually if you just stay lined up with the wall, your mom will slap the c*m out of you.

Another farm, that is nearby, requires The Fencer/Industrialist. Go to the Catfish level, and while the catfish is buff, and high, use your splash magic, the one where you make him “wet” constantly/rapidly. As soon as you see the gray knight (presumably named “Jerry”) load a canon, stop using splash magic. Then the catfish will be stunned. Remember you are farming the a*s, so don’t hit him now. Instead just use your shield. When the catfish wakes up fire your splash magic again. Then dodge his nasty cu*, and take another c*m again.

The Final farm, and this is the only other farm for experience points because there you can clearly get no more xp from other levels, is knon as the Flower Fields farm, since the coneheads take d*ck at this level then you can easily rap* ’em. If you don’t know how to ra*e, basically all you have to do is jump and then spam stuff. If you’re strength is maximum then this farm is for you, and if you do have the glowstick sword in your hand, then YOU ARE A NERD(ya b(tch ♥♥♥♥)

The Good Stuff


Sandwhich Glitches

When you are about to kiss the princess, eat a sandwich, costs 14-21 gold (somewhere in there) wait ’til your timer goes down, to like a 3, then run up to the princess and kiss her. Right when she tries to kiss you she will break, causing her arms to fall off. The ending scene with your highlights will play, and you are free to roam around and do her while she cant slap you.

If you have any other glitches please comment, I know there are many more such as the “infinite xp glitch” on the desert, and the countless bugs. I will not mention those, but probably have heard of them. If you have any glitches please comment them.



If you are stuck in a part of the map in insane mode, I will help you. I will accept friend requests but not after the date of January 1, 2017. After that, I probably will of had retired from castle crashing. In order for you to send me a freind request and me to accpet it, you will have to have a level 50 knight or above, if you are 48 or something, I will judge in favor to you. I do not like giving swords and pets to ppl, so if you request me for that purpose and I find out then I will del. you. I might give you the Necromancer(or any character for that matter) but I won’t always. I will help you do it if you are level 60 or above, and you need to have maximum defense and agility. IDGAF about magic or strength. Well sometimes I do. If you are playing Castle Crashers, and are just bored, then HMU, I will never back down from an arena challenge, and I will love to play story mode.

HI, if you went all the way down here and found nothing but this and are dissappointed, then shame on you. IDK y tho. LMAO

Anything else I need to discuss, please comment and like. ;D 😀 :3 0;) ;* ;|

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ISIS is murdered, THE END

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One Last Thing

The best comment, in mine opinion, will get help getting a/the gold skull