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How to create Endgame Gear in Muck! for Muck

How to create Endgame Gear in Muck!


In this guide, i’ll teach you how to create the most endgame gear available! (As of the 3.0 Update)


As of now, there’s currentrly two swords clashing to be the best melee DMG dealer:
– Night Blade
– Gronk’s Sword

Here’s how to craft the Night Blade:
You will need:
– 10 Obanium Bars
– 15 Dark Oak Wood
– 1 Black Shard

To obtain the Obanium bars, you need to have an adamantite pickaxe, and you can find Obanium ore around the map
To obtain the Dark Oak Wood, you need to have an adamantite axe, you can then cut Dark Oak Wood that’s scattered around the map
To obtain the black shard, you need to kill a guardian (Whether it’s naturally spawned it or a gemstone’s guardian) (note: the luck upgrade is recommended as the drop rate is pretty low)

Once you’ve got everything, you can now craft the blade!

The weapon deals in average 200 – 250 DMG non crit damage, so it’s pretty powerfull

Now, here’s how to craft the Gronk Sword:
[NOTE: The Gronk Sword can be dropped from a Gronk, but it’s a really low chance, so crafting it is more efficient]

You will need:
– One Sword Blade
– One Sword Hilt
– 10 Dark Oak Wood

To obtain the Sword Blade and Sword Hilt, you need to kill a Gronk and obtain these items (They’re a rare drop so the luck upgrade is recommmended!)
To get the Dark Oak Wood, it’s explained above.

Once you’ve got everything, you can craft the Gronk’s Sword!


The most powerfull bow currently is the Ancient Bow
To craft it, you will need:
– 1 Ancient Bone
– 1 Rope
– A fletchery table

To obtain the Ancient Bone, there’s multiple ways to get it, either you drop it from a zombie, or you drop it from a Gronk (It is a rare loot so the luck upgrade is highly recommended)
To obtain the Rope, you will need a workbench, 10 bark and 10 wheat, craft the rope using the workbench with the other materaisl to get the rope
To obtain the fletchery table, you will need 10 Flint and 25 Birch, put it in a workbench to craft it

And now, put your two items in the fletchery table and voila! You’ve got the bow that shoots three arrows at once!


The current most powerfull armor is the Chonknium armor
To make it, you’ll need:
– An anvil
– 45 Chonknium bars

To obtain the anvil, you need 5 iron bars and 15 stones put in a workbench
To obtain the Chonknium bars, you need to melt Chonknium ore in a furnace (To obtain the chonknium ore, you need to kill some Big Chunks, the chonknium is a rare drop so luck upgrade is recommended!)

With all this, you can craft the best armor in the game! (And get a 60% attack range increase if you have the full set!)

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