Castle Crashers® Guide

How To Defeat Catfish Easily for Castle Crashers

How To Defeat Catfish Easily


This Is REAL So If You Needed Help See All This Guide Of How To Defeat Catfish

100%-51% Life Attacks

The First Attack Is NOT DAMAGING Catfish Throws A Brown Ball You Needed To Destroy It
Then Go To Middle And Use Your Shield To Block The Attack, When The Cannon Of The Ship Shots The Ball, GO AND ATTACK HIM! But Then He Will Dive And The Bear Will Be On His Hand, This Attack Can Be Blocked, Then Repeat This Until He Haves 50% Life

50%-1% Attacks

When He Has 50% Of His Life He Will Change Only 1 Attack, Its New Attack Will Be This: The Form To Make This Stop Is Making He Go In The Line That The Boat Is Then This Will Stop Or Just Run Avoiding That Attack And He Will Stop And Continue The Attacks That I Said You In The Other Part Of This Guide Then He Will Die