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How to Destroy Brotherhood of Steel bunker [EASY]


This is a guide to destroying the Brotherhood of steel’s bunker at Hidden Valleyin the Mojave Wasteland


This a guide on how to destroy the Brotherhood of Steel Bunker.
I believe there are many reasons why you may need to destroy the bunker I had to because of (Render unto Caesar quest)
This objective had me scratching my head at what way to approach it. The obvious way is to go guns blazing right? well it is one way
and you can salvage power armour and other BOS items and sell them for quite a significant amount of caps. And other things can be discovered i.e the Key to the armoury room. However after several tries It appears that Guns blazing requires a lot of ammunition, medical supplies and an array of weapons.

I tried the attack using full BOS power armour, Gauss Rifle and the Heavy Incinerator and was accompanied by Rose of Sharon Cass (Cassidy) and Rex. The attack was fairly easy using alot of stimpaks and nuca colas. However the Laser robots that are scattered in the bunker will cause a lot of problems as they pack a punch and are difficult to destroy.

So let me go through the easiest way of obtaining all 3 key cards
to self destruct the Brotherhood of Steel Bunker

Part 1| Requirements

So what do you require?
I wouldn’t say you need anything special here. However a Companion would be of good help
I used Cass and Rex, They are two good examples.

Stealth Boy is probably the only real essential thing here for stealing the key cards required
to self destruct the bunker as it

Part 2| Locating all Key Cards and Obtaining them

Elder McNamara. Located at his chair assuming you know his location as it requires some previous quest
completion to gain access to the bunker to meet McNamara. At this point you will want to engage Stealth Boy
and you can wear any clothing that may give you extra “sneak”. You approach from the rear while crouching (your companions
wont affect your sneaking abillity) and you can pick pocket McNamara. You take the “Elder Keycard”. If done correctly the guards should
not engage and you can just walk away.

Head Paladin Edgar Hardin. From my several attempts despite having the stealth boy I wasnt able to pickpocket Hardin succesfully without
getting noticed. So you do have to kill him. So Approach him and engage him through V.A.T in the Pip boy “V” and aim for the head. With
the right weapons he is easy to kill. Fortunately if you kill him fast enough he dosent attract attention from anyone so you can just take
the Head Paladin key and walk away. Head Paladin is Located In a room accessed by the passageway to the left of Elder McNamaras Room

Head Scribe. Another easy one. By just approaching him crouched you can pick pocket him without noticing. Make sure apprentice watkins isnt
watching. Thats all three of the cards! Now you approach the terminal which is next to him or in the same room and click
“Generate Self Destruct Password” once done you go to the terminal to the right of it and it will do all the Password and you just verify it
By then the self destruct alarm will go off but no one will actually engage you yet apart from 1 or 2 scribes.

Part 3| Exiting Safely

Exiting. Just leave the bunker the way you came and as soon as you exit the main entrance the bunker will explode
if you re enter and Paladin Guard will run up to you and say how disgusted they are with what you have done and that your actions
will not be forgotten and that basically you are on the Hit list. From then on you cannot re enter the bunker as it is blocked by rubble

Part 4| If Things don’t go to plan

As with most significant actions having a save is a good idea to go back to
however if all else fails and you have to kill all dwellers of the bunker. Its a good idea to start from the entrance and work your way down
so you can always back out if you need more ammunition or medical supplies etc. the Pyscho is also a good thing to take as it gives you 25%
more damage for 4 minutes. Weapons Id reccomend if you can get them is the Pulse Gun as its really effective against robots
Missile launchers or anything with high damage is reccomended for the Robot guns.

Notes and Extras

-A Group of BOS Guards may appear outside the bunker after you have blown in up
possibly to look for you. They go inside but they dissapear once they go inside

-Walking into the rubble at the lower bunker entrance may cause a glitch where the game thinks you are falling