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How to Dress an NPC for Fallout: New Vegas

How to Dress an NPC


Turn Goodsprings into the Brotherhood of Steel. Or make Caesar into a prostitute.


DLC Outfits Not Included

If you ever wanted to dress a particular NPC in your outfit of choice, this guide is for you.

Basically, this guide will show you how to make any NPC in the game wear any outfit in the base game. DLC outfits and NPCs are not included as the outfits of DLC exclusive characters have Base IDs that vary from game to game.

Here I’ll demonstrate how to make Goodsprings resident prospector Easy Pete into an Enclave Officer.

Customizing an NPC

First thing you want to do is open the console (~), click the NPC you wish to outfit.

Afterwards you want to remove their current clothing, since you have them in your line of vision you will not need to enter their Base ID as you have already selected them when you clicked upon them. You should know when you have them locked on when their name and Base ID appear in white text above the screen.

With Easy Pete, you would need to remove his Field hand outfit and Cattleman cowboy hat. When removing any NPCs current clothing you want to enter this into the console.

removeitem <base id> <amount>

  • base id = Your outfit’s code, every outfit’s base id can be found on the Fallout Wiki. For example, if you wanted to equip someone with Legate Lanius’s armor, you could find the armor’s and helmet’s base ids here [link]
  • amount = Regarding clothing NPCs, you really only have to enter 1 here unless you want an NPC to carry mutiple copies of the same outfit in their inventory

Or you may enter: openteammatecontainer 1

Which will allow you to remove their original clothing and whatever other items they had on them such as bottle caps and ammo.

In Easy Pete’s case you type in: removeitem 000ef1cc 1

That removes his Field hand outfit, now to remove his hat you type in: removeitem 001083e0 1

This will leave you with an open canvas to equip him with our Enclave Office uniform.

When equiping any NPC with the outfit of your choosing, simply type into the console.

additem <base id> <amount>

To add the Enclave Officer uniform, type into the console: additem 000340de 1

To add the accompanying Enclave Officer hat, type into the console: additem 00078647 1


Congratulations, you’ve successfully recruited Easy Pete into the glorious Enclave. Of course he will retain all his original relations to Goodsprings after this, but its fun to roleplay Easy Pete as now a former Enclave veteran.

Any questions please post in the comments and I will try to respond. If this guide is at all difficult to understand don’t hesitate to request further elaboration on any subject regarding this guide.