Batman: Arkham City – Game of the Year Edition Guide

How to escape from Arkham City for Batman: Arkham City GOTY

How to escape from Arkham City


In this guide, I will show you how to get out of the walls of Arkham City with the help of a glitch, and freely explore the scenery of the city of Gotham, as well as Arkham Asylum.


Perhaps each of you during the game at least once tried to fly over the walls surrounding Arkham City, in order to get to another part of the city or to the Wonder Tower, but the queues of machine guns did not allow you to do this. Well, if you were wondering what really is behind the walls of the quarantine zone, then you came to the right place.

But before starting, I want to note that in order to implement this glitch, you will need Freeze Blast. If you have not received it yet, then you will not be able to escape from Arkham City.

Let’s start the escape

Step 1

First you need to get on the railing of any building or advertising billboard.

Step 2

Now that Batman is crouched on the railing, move closer to the edge but not too much, and start spamming with quick Freeze Blast on button 5 by default, or on RT + RT on the gamepad.

Step 3

After a few throws of grenades, Batman will fly off the edge of the railing or billboard, and will begin to take off. The main thing is not to stop throwing grenades, and gain more altitude.

Step 4

Once you set a sufficient altitude, you will be able to planning, maintain altitude with dives and takeoffs.
Remember that you cannot use the hook enhancer to climb, since all buildings outside the walls of Arkham City are intangible objects.

If you try to go back to Arkham City from Gotham, there will be just LOD objects.

How to return to Arkham City

When you get tired of flying through the ghostly expanses of Gotham City, you can stop planning, and wait until Batman dies falling into the void. After which you will be reborn in Arkham City.
Or you can simply return to the last checkpoint in the pause menu.


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