Fallout: New Vegas Guide

How to fix ED-E before nipton (with parts) for Fallout: New Vegas

How to fix ED-E before nipton (with parts)


With this guide you should be able to get all the parts for ED-E that you need to fix him before you get to primm.

Scrap metal loacations

(Goodsprings) In general store in broken display case near .22 silenced pistol (x1)

(Goodsprings) Victors house in goodsprings (x3 or more)

Required amount- 3

Scrap Electronics loacations

(Goodsprings) Broken display case in general store (x1)

(Goodsprings) Toolbox in general store (x1)

Required amount-1

Sensor module loacations

(Goodsprings) In trailer behind saloon (x1)

(Lone wolf radio) on shelves (x2)

Required amount- 2

I included an image of where lone wolf radio is on the map if you didint know already