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How to Fix the Infinite Loading Screen Bug for Fallout: New Vegas

How to Fix the Infinite Loading Screen Bug

Infinite Load Screen / Corrupted Save File

Have you ever tried to play this masterpiece but been stumped by a loading screen that never ends? Here’s how to fix it:

1) Delete your autosave. It is corrupted and is probably preventing the game from loading other saves.
2) Load whatever save you tried to load to begin with.

And you’re done!

If you’re like me, you likely looked up this problem on the internet first, and everyone said “Start a new game and then it should be fixed!” What they don’t realize is that they’re just adding a step. When they start the new game, it creates a new autosave when you stand up and follow Doc Mitchell to the vigor tester. This overrides the corrupted autosave with a new one from the beginning of the game, when the save files are simple and incorruptible. The internet solution requires extra work for the same effect; don’t bother. Just delete your autosave. If you lose a bunch of progress, I’m sorry. I feel you. But it’s the only way.