Muck Guide

How to get a good start for Muck

How to get a good start


So you’ve just downloaded the game, and are excited to play, but you’ve just found out that you suck complete and utter ass at the game, dying to big muck the first time he/she(34?) appears.You look around, and try again, but you can only get gold and a few power ups by the time you die again.Well, this guide tells you what to do!

how 2 w1n

1) Git gud.
2) When you spawn in, do not bother getting armour or tools.
3) Find coal chests, a rock and green chests for loot.
4) Grab yellow mushrooms for hunger problems.
5) Fight summoning statues for loot WITH YOUR ROCK. You should have enough power ups by this point to defeat golems with relative ease.
6) It should be around night 6 by here. Start making tools and upgrading armour.
7) Farm big chunk and easy enemies for gold, to open more chests
8) Profit
9) Cheese the game by making a skybox using tables that dont fall when the stairs connecting to the table fall
10) Afk on the Table. Nothing can touch you.
11) Choose to die.
12) Screenshot how you survived 999 days and get infinite steam points
13) Git gud.

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