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How to get Chance's Knife at minute one. (OP unique melee weapon) for Fallout: New Vegas

How to get Chance’s Knife at minute one. (OP unique melee weapon)


I decided to write this guide because I’ve found that there is already one guide at Steam about the same question, but it is rather confusing, making simple things to become complicated with no need.The chance’s Knife.I start every NV playrun taking the Chance’s Knife at the beginning of the game, at level 1. It’s an amazing unique melee weapon: low weight (1), low AP cost, decent damage, it has hideout, it’s a “Cowboy perk weapon”, it’s in perfect condition (800 caps)…Even for non-melee builds, The Chance’s Knife is useful to deal with those easy early-enemies like geckos, mantises, powder gangers… for free! Saving our precious ammo for better things…In the other hand it’s really beautiful and it has a nice history behind it. :-)For extra info: http://fallout.wikia.com/wiki/Chance’s_knife It’s very easy and safe to get the Chance’s Knife:0. Get a Shovel in Goodsprings. You can buy it at Chet’s Store or you can take it for free at one of the three water deposits, at the South of Goodsprings.0. Mark the Chance’s Knife location in your pipboy. (pic 01)1. Take the road to the North, leaving the Goodspring Cemetery at your right.2. Avoid Victor if he shows.3. When you see the “KEEP OUT” poster (pic 02), turn left, then follow to the North via the mountains (pic 03).4. At one point you will see the Chance’s Grave from the distance (pic 04).5. Carefully, go down (pic 05), then go down again… usually there is a raven close to the grave. It shows (green) in the pipboy, so it helps.6. Loot the grave and fast-travel immediatly. There are cazadors groups at your left and at your right… don’t even try to face them. No Stealth Boy needed at all… not even to sneak!btw, in the grave there is also a Great Khans Armour (faction armour), that later could be usefull for different pourposes… don’t forget to take it!I will upload a vid, if someone really needs it. Let me know, pls.


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