Muck Guide

How To Get Coins for Muck

How To Get Coins


Step 1: Get off Steam.Step 2: Close your PC/Laptop.Step 3: Get your clothes changed. (and don’t forget to bring 10 dollars and maybe your Glock [if you have one ofc])Step 4: Brush your teeth. (not that important)Step 5: Get out of your house and locate the nearest Seven Eleven.Step 6: Walk your way to the nearest Seven Eleven.Step 7: Go inside the Seven Eleven.Step 8: Ask the clerk for change.Step 9: Take the change but if if the clerk refuses, proceed to pull out your Glock and take the change (Mostly works all the time, based on experience)Step 10: Get home as fast as you can.Step 11: Boot up your PC/LaptopStep 12: Launch Muck.Step 13: You can play with friends or host your own lobby and just play anyways (hosting your own server is optimal for people with no friends (also speaking from experience)Step 14: Do the basics and obtain an axe.Step 15: Find a summon statue or wait until nighttime for enemies to spawn.Step 15 (Very Important): Kill at least 1 enemy.Step 16: get your coins then rinse and repeat.