Fallout: New Vegas Guide

How To Get Combat Amour Easily for Fallout: New Vegas

How To Get Combat Amour Easily


ok what you need to know before you do this is make sure you got a load of space. but if youre fine with 1 or 2 sets of armour for you and your companion.BEFORE YOU START: Combat Armour is worth up to 5000 caps in top condition so collect as much as you can

Getting There

To do this you need to go to Freesides North side and find The Silver Rush and talk to the Van Graffs while they experiment a weapon on an innocent civillian.nice

Talk to Simon Van Graff about any work and he will tell you about being a bodyguard.

Killing The Van Graffs

If you haven’t done the missions for the Van Graff’s yet, go ahead and do the first one, where you have to stand outside and guard the door. After the first three guys, a guy in a thick jacket will walk up (he’s packing explosives), go ahead and let him through instead of searching him.He will blow up the area and and kill everyone inside. You’ll probably fight Simon, but, it’s better than fighting everyone.

See Simple,Easy