Castle Crashers® Guide

How to get even faster in leveling for Castle Crashers

How to get even faster in leveling


How to get more experience and go faster to the max level 99!

First things

We all know the Troll Mother/Dad in the Thieves Forest is a good place to level.
Heck, even in Insane Mode its good.
But what if you think your leveling too slow?
You want some of that extra experience?
Fear not, because you can leave this guide anytime!

Get that extra experience

You need to unlock the Desert and find the shovel.
The Desert will be unlocked if you follow the storyline and find the three relics (before that guy can set sail). Fight some noob-ass ninjas and you will leave Da boatzzz.
When you leave the boat, you will be send immediatly into the Desert, and find the shovel.

Get some glasses if u cant see them.

With walking in on it, you will obtain a new item, a Shovel!
Now you get a new character too, Shovel Knight.

jk jk you will have to pay 15 euro/dollars to play that game

With the shovel equipped, you can now dig up some sweet ♥♥♥♥.

It’s an X mark in the ground.

Go to there, with the shovel in your inventory equipped, and shovel.

You will earn a random item by this, a potion, a weapon, money OR an animal orb.

So finish the Desert, and dig up every hole until you get this animal orb.

His name is Giraffey, and he appears on random places in the Desert.

Now you are ready to go!

Final steps

Okay, you got Giraffey.

Now go back into Thieves’ Forest and get to the Troll Dad. (if u have Insane Mode unlocked, do it there)

And as we all know, you dont actually attack the boss, you kill the enemies he spawns.
If you think you leveled enough, kill him.