Doki Doki Literature Club Plus! Guide

how to get file secrets for Doki Doki Literature Club Plus!

how to get file secrets


these are just how to get all the in game desktop files.

important files

these are more important to complete the game completely, and/ or doesnt involve any of the new lore.

for this one it gives a acheivement needed to get the 100% data completion
you need to go into the in game files. and then do internal, 2,2,1 then click project plan.txt. then change or wait till 2:40 (AM or PM) and then you will be able to open it

this one shows all the poem words. and helps soo you can get the poems done or get some other acheivements.
this one is actually pretty simple. you just need to go to the files and click poemwords.txt

story related secrets

these are really only for the people interested in the lore/ story

when you start the game there is a code that says ” 8:33, 3,4,4, memory ok”
use code “3,4,4” and then you will see a file that says, “MES.txt”
you cant open it since you have to wait till 8:33

do internal, backup, system, towerkeys

do 5,0,1 and click 14.txt

go into backup, and click meeting notes 1

go into the files and do 1,3,0 then click meeting notes 2.txt. and change the time
to 9:15

do 1,2,3 and click track 06 name ideas.txt. and change the time to 4:30

do 0,3,0 and click meeting notes 3.txt, then change the time to 1:58

do 4,0,4 and click DDLC.txt. then change the time to 12:55