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how to get free steam points by just playing muck for Muck

how to get free steam points by just playing muck


if you, or anyone else, wants to make a lot of Steam Points so you can waste them away on those goodies that steam has to offer for your profile, you can do the following:1 – play muck for a long time and make a review or anything else really thats related to muck2 – make your review sound epic, good, or even funny and stupid3 – you can make guides for muck so people enjoy reading it4 – make sure your grammar is epicgetting steam points is awesome, and you can have some as well by doing any of those steps!good luck in muck and have fun 😀

results by doing those steps

once you do any of these steps people will reward you with some badges because they find your review or anything else epic, so keep up the good work!

ive noticed something in this guide

ive noticed how most people, click on this guide that i “made” and how other people copied the same “free steam points” guide, rather than actually reading something stupid

if you wanna actually read something stupid that i made BEFORE this, links here:
[link] guide’s name is “so, What is M U C K ?”

this “how to get free steam points” curse needs to stop eventually..