Fallout: New Vegas Guide

How to get from goodsprings to the strip in minutes! for Fallout: New Vegas

How to get from goodsprings to the strip in minutes!


In my many travels ive learned many things but this guide is focused on an easy way to get to vegas in no time!(This will help players that what to get the Hardcore mode achievement faster)1: Frist of all grab gear in good springs. (for exaple: do sunnys quest like Back In The Saddle, and By a Campfire on the Trail.) This of couse will help you so that you dont have nothing to defend yourself with and Etc.2: Once you are done with as many quests and have all the gear you want, go south of Goodsprings. Follow the main road.2: Look for “Jean Sky Diving” from there head about North East. Again following the main road.3: now you should have come across ”Sloan”. From here get OFF the main road or you will come face to face with Deathclaws! So now go to the right of the road and kinda walk close to hidden Valley.4: Now you will be getting close to ”Neils Shack”. (this means your heading in the right derection) From Neils Shack keep going North east and go to the edge of black moutain still going north east.5: Now what! Im looking at a hill side that i can’t climb over! Fear not! simply hug the side of the hill of black moutain to the northwest (or to you left) and jump up a rock to gain access to the other side of the moutain. ( You have just ignored having to fight supermutants and deathclaws but theres still more dangers!)6: now on the other side of ”Black Moutain” and hopfully still on the cliff edge follow the cliff around and well look at around you. You may notice the deathclaws down below! (this is where the luck comes in so save!) let the deathclaws see you (make is so your screen says Danger when sneaking) and the deathclaws will start running up the cliff side once they are nearing quckly hop of the moutain this will give you time to run away from the deathcalws for they will have to run back dwon the hills to get to you by this time we both hope that we have left their sights and won’t chase us anymore!7: So now you should be basiclly at Camp McCarran. Just run on inside go upstairs go past the 2 NCR soldiers and hop on the Train! NOW YOU ARE IN VEGAS BABY! I hope this guide was easy or understandble to you out there. This is my frist Guide and ive used this little way my self for a long time to get to vegas right away so I hope you get it and are able to do the same!

Screenshots guide / path. ( Bottom to top not top to bottom!)