Fallout: New Vegas Guide

How to get idolized by NCR for Fallout: New Vegas

How to get idolized by NCR


Alright,first of all it’s too easy.


Alright first of all go to Nipton.You can see everything is burned and many legion soldier around in the Nipton.The guy named Vulpes will give you a mission.When he gave you the mission go to Mojave Outpost and you can see there is a guy named Sgt.Kilborn when you start to talk with him you can tell that Nipton got captured by Legion don’t tell him “Ave true to Caesar”.You will get NCR fame (NCR infamy if you do follow Vulpes’ command) Upstairs you can see Ranger Ghost,tell her Nipton already got captured by Legion.You will get NCR fame again and you can see Ranger Jackson around the camp he will give you a mission too.He wants to kill the ants at underpass.When you complete that mission he will give you some ammo,food and weapon when you do that all 3 missions you will get “Accepted” by the NCR.Go to Vault 3.Kill all the Fiends around there or use your speech skill.You can see the fiend leader “Motor-Runner” he is the main leader of the fiends and he has a special hat.When you kill him take his hat and go to Camp McCarran.Talk with Colonel James Hsu.You will get NCR fame and talk with Major Dhatri in camp.He will give you a mission named Three-Card Bounty.Kill 3 Fiend leader and take their head and talk with Major Dhatri you will get NCR fame again and talk with Carrie Boyd you will get an unmarked quest named “Silus Treatment”.You need high intelligence (8) Or high perception (8).When Silus confuses everything talk to Carrie Boyd and you will get NCR fame again.In the camp Daniel Contrereras will give you an unmarked mission If you finish this quest by following Daniel’s steps you will not get NCR fame.Report him to Carrie Boyd and you will get NCR fame again and again .If you are too lazy to make those you can complete those “IMPORANT QUESTS” to get idolized by them in the most fastest way possible.

• Boulder City Showdown
• Flags of Our Foul-Ups
• Keep Your Eyes on the Prize
• Restoring Hope
• Return to Sender
• There Stands the Grass
• Three-Card Bounty
• The Coyotes
• Things that Go Boom
• You’ll Know It When It Happens
You will get Idolized by NCR %100 when you complete “You’ll Know It When It Happens” succesfully.