Fallout: New Vegas Guide

How to get laid in the Mojave. for Fallout: New Vegas

How to get laid in the Mojave.


The core of a Fallout title is the expansive exploration, the immersive post apocolyptic setting and combat with incredible foes of all sorts. However if you play this game for the sole intent of getting that virtual p*ssy then you have found the guide you will need.This guide includes are the characters for which your courier can have sex with.

Minor Sex Occurances ($$$$)

The first set of possibilities in the quest to lose virginity are all minor moments of intimacy.
paying hookers is the quickest and simplest way to get in bed and the oppurtunities are vast.

Casa Madrid Apartments

To travel here you need to head to the NorthWest of the Vegas area. Look for barricades and leather armoured guards surrounding some buildings, North of the Thorn. Inside Westside, to the west end of the suburb, you will get these apartments, not far from Miguels Pawn shop.
Here is where the fun begins.
Within you have the ‘cheapest, cleanest wh000res in all of New Vegas’ according to local Marco.
Your sellection is as follows.


You would have to be the worse New Vegas player in existance if you don’t have enough caps to do better than this… Unless of course you are into this sort of poon. Anyway, you, Maude and a bed can all be brought together for a small pile of 75 caps. But… really? Are you really gonna do it? An additional note: Female couriers are unable to sleep with Maude. Probably for the best


Jimmy is a step above Maude. You’ll have to pay up a strong 200 caps this time around. He is strictly homosexual (and kind of a jerk) so again, female couriers are going to have to steer away. For male couriers, enjoy you 200 caps of… I don’t know… doggy style perhaps?


Well now you’ve made it. The upper class of the bottom class. Sweetie, ex-Gomorrah prostitute, is the best in quality when browsing the Casa Madrid. To acquire her services you will need to pay 300 caps but at least it isn’t Maude. Not only that but both genders can enjoy a bit of a slap and a tickle. so go wild!

The Atomic Wrangler

Moving now to a more ‘refined’ establishment (if you can even call it that) we have the Wrangler. Located on Fremont street, simply head down the main street of Freeside starting at the North Gate until you hear the calls of the crier advertising your destination. From there you cannot miss the neon.

The Sex in this joint is indeed much much cheaper than what you would get at the Madrid. There is indeed a catch . . . you have to gather up the choices first. Simply talk to James Garret in the Atomic Wrangler. Sometimes his sister will be there instead so just wait a couple of hours until you have him. Ask for work and you begin the quest Wang Tang Atomic Tango.
Also in order to have sex with any of the following canditates you need to first rent a room. this costs 100 caps. Still, unless it’s Maude, the total for a little action in the Wrangler is better for your money as opposed to back at Westside.


The first recruit for your pleasure is Smooth-talker Santiago (or so he calls himself)
Absolutely no difficulty in this recruitment. Simply tell him the job and he is off to work. Talk to Garret, accept your pay and you’ll find mr Smooth Talker ready to go. For only 25 caps you can enjoy a night in bed with Santiago. You wonder how desperate this guy if for caps if he is putting out for 25. Available for both Sexes.

A WARNING : While looking for Garret’s ‘Smooth Talker’ there is the alternate option of recruiting Old Ben by the Strip Gate. Be warned that if you take this course there is no way of sleeping with him once he is back at the Wrangler. Perhaps he has more refined tastes.

Beatrix Russell

Looking to get a little freaky? If you like a little bit of rough edges on the skin while in bed, then you can be sleeping with a ghoul. You will find our Ghouly friend in the Old Mormon Fort right next to the Freeside North entrance. She actually takes some convincing with either a 35 speech or barter check or a bottle of absinthe to persuade her to work for Garret. Once back at the bar you can hire her for 25 caps for a night of … somewhat intriguing pleasure. Honestly you arn’t considering this are you? Not after Maude. Well then again at least she is actually a living creature…


Congratulations! You have decided to take post-apocalyptic sexual fantasies to a new level of unusual. Fisto is waiting for you in Cerulean robotics tucked away through a maze of destroyed buildings out to the West of Freeside. To activate him you need a programming file given to you by Ralph in Mick and Ralphs or by having a high enough Science skill (60). After you eject him from his pod in the robotics workshop he will offer his first service free (FREE!) allowing you to have one journey with Fisto! I have not the slightest clue what a protectron does to you but A: It’s f**ked up B: it’s likely something you would not tell your grandma and C: it numbs you legs. Regardless Fisto will be available to the courier for 10 caps back at the Wrangler, just don’t think about to much.


The lusty, burning casino right in front of you as you enter the strip. You know this is where you will find the high class p**sy. Well if you’re hunting for a paid fun time there is actually only one choice. Kinda strange considering it’s a casino filled with strippers.


At the back of the casino, by the tents in the courtyard, you will find this blonde beauty waiting for you … well waiting for your money at least. Simply pay 100 caps and enjoy. By passing a speech check or offering med-x then passing a medicine check you can get a discount. A rather cheap price considering she is not a ghoul, robot or Maude. Just don’t think of the mountain of SDI’s she is likely to be carrying.

Well that’s all the potang you can pay for in the wastes. You might want to get checked over at the Old Mormon Fort by the way. If you a real smooth player however you can get in bed for some more intimate occassion.

Major Sex Occurances (persuasive)

There are four individuals in the wasteland which you can have sex with thanks to your charm. It is four instances where the other party is probably enjoying just as much as you are. By this time you know you are actually attractive and should pat yourself on your back as most of these take some skill rather than a couple of caps.


Located in the same courtyard as Dazzle, Joana will likely be dancing right in from of you as you enter the area or else she will be pleasing clients in a small area to the right as you enter. Getting together is as easy as passing two checks in speech. First you need to have 50 speech. She will continue the conversation until another check appears. This time you will either have to have 65 speech or the Cherchez La Femme perk (only if you are a woman of course.) After that she will escort you up to her private quarters. From their you can ask about her inner problems of just get in bed. We both know which one you will choose I mean you are on this guide.


Hey! Do remember that guy in that checkered suit! You know… The guy who uhhh… Kinda… Shot you in the head and chucked you in a shallow grave. Why not have sex with him! Great plan right! If you are playing as a woman you simply need to get a hold of the black widow perk and make your way all the way to the Tops Casino on the Strip. Find your murderer and engage in an erotic and strange conversation. After some lusty black widow comments and some great confusion from the ‘Ben-Man’ you will be invited into his private suite and enjoy … uhh … ‘Shaking your Charlies’ as he puts it. After your session you have the option of slitting his throat while he sleeps! Win-Win!

Sarah Weintraub

The fine blonde damsel locked in the indoors. She is located at the end of the strip in the Vault 21 gift shop. To have sex with young Sarah simply ask her about the vault suits she sells and she will explain that she needs somebody to collect a lot of them from other vaults for her as the standard Vault 21 suits are in high demand, and short supply. Make sure that before you go bursting into the wasteland searching for leather you pass the 65 and 75 speech checks when discussing the suits. When are done collecting your 30 suits (popular destinations include vault 3, vault 9 and vault 11) return to Sarah. Ask her for a little fun and soon you will be deep into her underground structure. You can take that previous sentence in whatever context you like.

Red Lucy

Perhaps the most difficult pair of panties to get into. Red Lucy is right next to the south entrance of Westside, down a manhole leading to her arena, ‘The Thorn’. In order to impress the arena master you are going to have to treck into the most dangerous territory of the Mojave. Ask Lucy where The Thorn gets their eggs and soon you will find yourself on your way. This task includes fighting manti, radscorps’, Fire Geckos, Nightstalkers, Cazadores and eventually Deathclaws. Yes you will have to wander into either Deadwind Cavern of Quarry Junction murdering 10 feet beasts with claws of pure death just to get in bed with the most mysterious, most dangerous and most lucious female of the wastes (barring you of course if you made a female courier.) Once you are done risking your own life, give her the eggs. Now it is time to give her your eggs 😉 . She will invite you into her private chambers and now you can tell yourself that perhaps it was all worth it.

CONGRATULATIONS! You have managed to become the sl*t of the wastes. Travelling into creepy apartments, underground vaults and even deathclaw nests just to get some p*ssy or d*ck. You realise that you are still gonna be a virgin in real life right? Also I believe there are a bunch of much more major things you have to do in the Mojave. Maybe go pacify those explosive boomers!, maybe go find the Sierra Madre! or maybe it’s time to finish the battle for the Mojave in general! No? You’re just gonna go back to repeatedly getting laid.

A bit of credit: The lovely faces you see in each picture have been altered with Fallout Character Overhaul. I definitely suggest it to anybody browsing the nexus for good mods.
Also! Red Lucy in her image is equipped with the Deathclaw hunter outfit which comes within the extensive content included in the mod F.O.O.K. Anothe major mod I would recommend.