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How to get SECRETS TOOLS ? for Castle Crashers

How to get SECRETS TOOLS ?


In this guide I will show you , how to get SECRETS TOOLS

First STEP – Open CheatEngine.exe

For this tutorial you need Cheat Engine , you can’t get ban .
After this take a random character and go at the blacksmith . You have to go on you’r BOW And type 1 in Cheat Engine .

After , you have to go on you’r shovel (at the right of you’r bow)And type 2 in Cheat Engine .

For the final step , you have to go on you’r Boomerang .And type 3 in Cheat Engine .

When you done all the step before you will change the value you get for me I will change the value for 4. After this go back in the game and enter in the Pet Shop.

Now you can see at the top left my item change and it’s a sort of a Tomahawk.

Final STEP – The differents Value

Bow = 1
Shovel = 2
Boomerang = 3
Toomawok =4
Shuriken = 5
Horn = 6
IDK butterfly knife maybe =7
Potion =9
Gloves = 10
Sandwich = 11
Toy sabre = 12
Compass =13


After the value 15 you don’t have any other tools , and the value 0 crash the game .

Sorry for my bad english , I hope you you still understood and thanks you to read my guide , if you have any question add me in friends or write something in comment section . Thanks you 🙂

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