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How to Get the All-American/Vault 34 Armory for Fallout: New Vegas

How to Get the All-American/Vault 34 Armory


A guide on how to obtain the All-American from Vault 34. (This is for the guide on All Unique Weapons)

Part 1

WARNING: Have a radiation suit and/or Rad-X before entering this area. Be prepared for many Glowing Ones.

Locate Vault 34 (Northwest of Camp Golf, tucked away in the mountain next to a truck)

*location of Vault 34 from the northwest pillar of Camp Golf’s outer fence

Enter the door and navigate the caves, killing any Golden Geckos you run into and avoiding the radiation barrels.

Enter the vault and go to your right after the vault entrance room.

Go down the stairs and turn to your right. Go through the jammed door.

Turn right. Open the door in front of you. Go down the stairs once again.

Turn to the right and follow the hallway until you see the hallway on your left, across from the signs pointing to the Clinic and Overseer’s Office.

Go into the water and follow the path.

Find the dead Vault Technician under the desk. Make sure to do this quickly, or have the rebreather, because there are no air pockets underwater here.

Take the Vault 34 Security Terminal Password.

Get out of the water the way you came in.
Continue down the hallway (turn to your right after exiting the water and go straight) the way you were going before until the hallway bends left. At that point, look to your left (pretty much behind you) to find the door to the Clinic. Enter it.

Go through the clinic and enter the closed door behind the screen.

Go through the door and down the hallway until it turns left. Look to your right to find another pool of water behind a doorway. Enter it.

Swim straight (do not turn right; you will need to go there in a fat sec; but not now) and find the Vault Technician under the desk again.

Again, take the Technician’s Vault 34 Utility Terminal Password.

Go back the way you came (take the second left underwater, you will need to go to the underwater door very soon) and turn right as you exit. Go down the hallway until you reach the room labeled Utilities.

Go to the terminal to the hard left of the door and open it.

Click System, then Activate Pump Station.

Go back to the room with your water (the door will be closed now; just open it) and go down, this time going to the door on the right hallway and entering it.

Go down the hallway, killing any ghouls you see. When you get into the room, turn left and go to the end to the terminal.

Click System, then Disengage Lock to Overseer.

Part 2

Leave the room, go back down the hallway and kill the other ghouls that spawn. Exit through the door and turn left to go back up the stairs that you came from.

This time, go to the left and back all the way through the Clinic, but instead of going right after exiting the clinic to go back the way you came, go to the left to get to the Overseer’s Office doorway. Enter it.

When you enter the Overseer’s Office, enter the door on the right that is being jammed by the barrel. BE READY, A DIFFICULT BOSS BATTLE OCCURS BEHIND THE NEXT DOOR.

Kill the Overseer.

Take the Overseer’s Password from their body.

Use the terminal behind the Overseer’s desk.

ONCE AGAIN, click System, then Open armory door.

Leave the Overseer’s Office by going back down the small hallway, and left after you pass the door jammed by the barrel.

Finally, go all the way back through the Clinic, but this time, go all the way down the hallway to reach the door labelled Armory, which is located right next to the Utilities door.

Enter the Armory. Go to the right, killing the ghouls. Finally, open the door to the armory.

The room is full of guns, take what you want! The All-American that you came for is on an upside-down table to your right.

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