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How to get the best bow in the game! (Ancient Bow) for Muck

How to get the best bow in the game! (Ancient Bow)


How to get the Ancient Bow in Muck.

Step 1.

Step 1: getting a fletching table.
Grab a rock and break down a tree to get wood.
Open the inventory and craft a workbench.
Get more wood and craft a wooden axe and pickaxe.
Break a birch tree and get Birch wood.
Break some iron ore with your pickaxe and craft a fletching table.

Step 2.

Step 2: Getting an ancient bone.
There is a 1% chance of getting an ancient bone from a goblin.
Or there is a 10% chance of getting one from gronk.
Option 1 is easier, because using an ancient bow on gronk is very effective.

Step 3.

Step 3: crafting it.
Grab some wheat from the surrounding area and make rope from it at a workbench.
Use the ancient bone and the rope at a fletching table to make an ancient bow.

Step 4.

Step 4: flex in your friends and enemies that you have the most powerful bow in Muck!
It shoots three arrows every shot.

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