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How to get the boomerang for Castle Crashers

How to get the boomerang


This is how you can get the secret item, the boomerang.


So since my previous guide is so popular (by the way, thank you all for the nice comments on it), I’ve decided to make a new one.

This one might not be as helpful, but it shows how to get the secret item: the boomerang.


To get the boomerang, you will need the cardinal animal orb.

(If you don’t yet have the cardinal animal orb, you can get it by playing through the industrial castle.)

Thieves’ Forest

Once you have the cardinal, go to Thieves’ Forest (Yep, I checked my spelling this time).
Kill the first enemy.
After that, the cardinal will go behind the bush everyone likes to stand into… you know which bush I mean… and will get the boomerang and give it to you!

Yeah.. it’s actually pretty simple.

Info on the boomerang

To use the boomerang, you hold down whatever button is pressed to use an item. The longer you hold down that button, the more power the boomerang will have and will go farther.

But what does the boomerang do, you might ask. It stuns enemies, so you can hit them while they are stunned and not moving.

<– See? There are two stunned enemies there that will not move for a couple seconds.

It’s also really good at breaking doors. Like, really, really good.

(you can see how many times the boomerang is hitting the door by all the sparks and stuff)


Thanks for reading this guide!
Hopefully this will help you, and that you will have fun with the boomerang! 🙂

(also someone PLEASE explain to me how my previous guide is so popular)