Castle Crashers® Guide

How to get the rubber handled sword for Castle Crashers

How to get the rubber handled sword


People always say these ridiculous rumors on how to get it, but those are false. So you may be wondering, “how 2 git u r lying”. Well, if you don’t believe, don’t read. Less weapons for you. Also, this is my first guide and I don’t wanna take a long time to do pics and stuff, so this will be fast and simple.EDIT: So some people obviously don’t understand you can do this by yourself. I’m tired of “da barack isn’t on te map DERRRRR!!”. So, I shall re-explain, but go into more detail. After you beat the final area, you have a party where you kiss the orange princess. There’s an x. Dig it, dingus.

Where to get it

It is in the barracks, after beating the final battle. You will see a Thief constantly firing bow, and there is an X next to him. You have to use your shovel, which is extremely challenging the considering the Thief. Trust me, it’s possible. YOU DON’T NEED A PET NOR A FRIEND!