Fallout: New Vegas Guide

how to get to boomer petes minetown fiesta (easter egg) for Fallout: New Vegas

how to get to boomer petes minetown fiesta (easter egg)


activation of the easter egg into your game go into files in your directory and go find your saves or something and delete every save you have inculding current or recent playthrough————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————-then you will want to head into the game and create new character prefereably charismatci and then make him run to freddy the checker siut guy and kill him immmedietly—————————————————— HEading to boom town go to sunset sarsaparilla factory and follow what the cowboy robvot says, after doing his task go to buffalo bill casino the one near the prison and boom yoiu activated the petesd boomtom mine fiesta inro your save game youre now able yo playe boomtown petes gambling games thanks

boom tomnwn easter egg secret