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How to Get Unlimited Caps in New Vegas: The White Wash "Exploit" for Fallout: New Vegas

How to Get Unlimited Caps in New Vegas: The White Wash “Exploit”


Recently while playing Fallout New Vegas again, I came across a way to get unlimited money, and it’s not even a exploit, its a in-game feature. And since I haven’t heard anything about this exploit, its my job to tell you about The White Wash “Exploit”.

Requirements to do the “Exploit”

Requirements are:
No Negative Reputation with the NCR
6 Intelligence
50 Barter

Getting The White Wash

First, talk to Colonel James Hsu in Camp McCarran to get the quest “I Put a Spell on You”, he will tell you to talk to Captain Ronald Curtis (If you killed Curtis, you cant do the “exploit”, to my knowledge). Once you have done that, you can talk to Lieutenant Boyd about missing people.

After talking about Bryce Anders, there will be a option to ask about other missing people from the Camp, and she says that someone by the name of Corporal White has gone missing, and will direct you to talk to a prostitute at Gomorrah called Dazzle. This starts “The White Wash” quest.
She also mentions you could check White’s Locker in the Camp McCarran Concourse, but this is optional and isn’t needed to do the “exploit” to my knowledge.

Collecting the Clues

Go talk to Dazzle at the Gomorrah Courtyard, and ask about White. She explains that White always talked about the Water Treatment Plant and mentions a man named Trent Bascom, which is located at the NCR Sharecropper Farms.

Go to the NCR Sharecropper Farms and talk to Trent, and directs you to talk to Lieutenant Romanowski. Heres where you 6 Intelligence comes into play, use the Intelligence Check Dialogue Option, Romanowski will not know what you are talking about if you succeed, but now your character is on to something.
He will reveal that White went to talk to someone named Tom Anderson, who is a Follower of the Apocalypse which is in Westside.

Mr. Anderson

Anderson is located in the Casa Madrid Apartments in Westside. His room is on the ground floor to the north side of the building. Speak to him and use the Intelligence Check Dialogue, which will get him to talk about how he was the one who killed White to keep the secret of Westside taking water from the NCR.

Money Time

In order for the “Exploit” to work, you must agree to keep Anderson’s secret by telling the NCR that White was killed by the Scorpions.
And now its time to make money. One of the Dialogue is that you want something out of this, since it is “such a big secret”. Anderson will offer to give 10% of the earnings of the Westside Co-Op. There will be the option that is where you 50 Barter Skill comes into play. Select that option to get the most profits.

Once this is done, go to the Westside Co-Op and speak to Clayton Ettienne. Tell him that you want your “special payment”. He will oblige, and will give you 200-400 Caps, which can be collected every 24 Hours in game.

Now here is where the “Exploit” part comes to play. Collect the Caps, and then wait inside the Store for 24 Hours, and then collect your money again, and then repeat.

Additional Info

I know pretty well this isn’t a fast way of getting money (having 10 Luck and winning the games in all three of the big casinos can have you walk away with around 30,000 Caps), this method is consistent and will ALWAYS give you money, and the NPC’s can’t tell you to screw off, so you can get free money easily.

One Important Thing: NEVER TURN IN THE QUEST.
If you turn in “The White Wash”, the arrangement between you and the Westside Co-Op will end, and you will not be able to collect any more caps from them. (I don’t know why this is the case, but it is.)

The End

Thank you for reading my Walkthrough on how to get Unlimited Caps in Fallout New Vegas, I hope this helps you if you are trying to get caps super easily, and I hope you have a good rest of your day.