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How to go silent through the entire game! for Dishonored

How to go silent through the entire game!


Are you having issues getting ghost in every chapter? Do you just want to give up because it is “impossible”? Well here is the help you have been waiting for and have long deserved.

What you will need..

The first spell you will want is the level 1 Time Stop spell, since during the Overseer Campbell Mission, you cannot kill the thugs at Granny’s door during High Overseer Campbell’s Mission (When the distillery district is dark right after the coldridge prison stuff.) I recommend to take her stairs to the 2nd floor and use it then to dispatch of the hostile drunks! Get level 1 dark vision, as well as level 1 blink. I recommend to level them up to level 2 when you are able to since it does a lot more that way as well!
A good amount of piero’s remedies (make sure to keep these in stock as much as possible!)
I also recommend to upgrade your sleep dart capacity and fully upgrade your crossbow as it helped me a lot.
Possession level one or 2 is not required however Level 2 helps a lot during Lady Boyle’s Last Party when you need to transport the body of Lady Boyle.
The Strong Arms Bone Charm
Boot Stealth – Which you get after kidnapping
Lots of time to dedicate in case you mess up somewhere.(Lets make sure that doesn’t happen eh? :D)
You don’t really need anything else after the upgrades. The only thing you will need gold for is when you need to buy piero’s remedies and sleep darts. Everything else is not really needed.

Tips and Tricks.

The “end mission” stats is a good way to keep track of how you are doing. If you get checked off (no alarms and no one killed) on every level, you get the achievement.
When you complete a mission, a good way to see if you got ghost in a level is the mission stats usually in the bottom right-hand corner of your screen. If nobody was killed and there weren’t any alarms that went off. On every level, you will have the achievement.

The longest leg of the journey is going to be the flooded district, so it’s best to plan ahead when you do this because for me it took 3 hours to ghost through it but then again I retrieved my equipment from the bottom of the whale oil refinery WHICH I HIGHLY RECOMMEND! XD just because it helps a lot but the planning part of it comes when u have to wait for the weepers to move away from each other so you can take them out one by one. You will also know if you didn’t lethally eliminate Campbell because he will be a weeper at the bottom so again take caution. It isn’t required to retrieve your gear but that’s entirely up to you.

Another thing you want to take caution is the mission Lady Boyle’s Last Party. You will want to have Possession level 2 for this part due to how many there is but it isn’t needed you can do it without it but it was just easier for me.

The best way to get Lady Boyle’s Last Party completed non-lethally, is to wait for the Arrival of Lord Brisby who will be found in one of the rooms near a window casually smoking a cigar, who will then reveal the identity of your target and it will unlock a non lethal option for the mission.

Walkthrough for the missions before the plot twist.

-Coldridge Prison: Make sure you are not discovered when you blow the door and jump off the bridge. The best way to remain undiscovered is to jump to the far left into the water and try to remain underwater, then swim to the sewers and you are set m8.

-High Overseer Campbell: Save Curnow from the poisoned drinks by spilling them because if you kill one of them with the poison it will not work. After you spilled the wine glasses, you will need to follow them both to the secret lair if you already know where this is you can spill the glasses and then wait in the shadows somewhere however this sometimes bugs out. Shot Campbell with a sleep dart after he draws his sword otherwise if you do it before hand Captain Curnow will consider you hostile. You can choke out the Captain when he turns to walk away from you and you can figure out the rest m8 😀

-Sokolov abduction: There is an easy way into his house using blink level 2 you can basically skip the entire inside of the house if you are outside you make your way to a chain that’s dangling from a steel walkway, blink to the top and make sure you sleep dart the only guard on the roof and make sure he doesn’t fall over he will fall over if he is leaning over the railing. Sleep dart Sokolov and make your way to Samuel the Boatman.

-Lady Boyle’s Last Party: You can blink over the canal if you jump high and blink (if it is level 2) to the right side of the map when you get there you can enter the party through the guard station you can tell if you are in the right part if there are 2 buildings closely together both have window openings but they are not connected. You can jump through the window to make yourself to the guard station. Or what you can is either sneakily take a risk into to checkpoint with the invitation, lastly what you can do is possess a fish and use the sewers as a way of access into the party. You will want to loot your target’s room for the Dunwall Tower as it makes the next mission 10 times easier.

-The Lord Regent: The best way to ghost through this one is by staying on the right side of the tower since it doesn’t have a lot of things to get you detected. There is also a small crawlspace leading into the tower near the top of it if you are able to blink to it without being detected, below the crawlspace location is a small body of water with hostile fish XD. It is possible to sneak into the Lord Regent’s Cozy Hole of Blood and Betrayal and crack his safe without ever touching the lord regent, and you will need to do this for the non-lethal finish plus its way more rewarding than purely killing him.

Walkthrough for the missions after the plot twist.

-The Flooded District (AKA extremely long and depressing place): You can complete the mission by only choking out two assassins, and it is recommended that you do this. Daud’s assassins randomly teleport around and it makes hiding the bodies very tedious. The only 2 major concerns you should be aware of is at the very beginning where you have to swim to get to the assassin’s base. The first concern is that part for a short amount of time when both assassins wont watch the main entrance. Blink up during that moment and haul butt past both of them and make sure you don’t have aggro on either of them. The 2nd major concern you need to be aware of is to swim underwater and as far as you are able to get, choke out the one guard chilling by a window that doesn’t have any glass, and head on in.

-Granny Rags cooking slackjaw in the Sewer: You need to let Slackjaw be eaten by the cannibal (Granny Rags) to get ghost in this part of the level. What you need to do is walk up to Ms. Rags, (but not too close otherwise it will trigger a cut scene) Use stop time, swipe the key, and make a run for it to the fast travel back to the start of the level m8s. If you didn’t mess up, the battle music will start to play, but you will not be detected by Ms. Rags, and you can complete the level before she even has a chance to figure out what happened. Unfortunately, you are unable to save slackjaw from his demise and get the achievement at the same time, due to the fact that if you shoot Ms. Rags with a sleep dart it kills the lass after you burn her memento.

-The Loyalists: Your almost there m8s! If you have time stop at level 2 (you already should) the spell will get you from the abandoned apartment where you can find a fine lass trying to escape and it can get you to the main building aka the pub. That is the hardest part about the level. Make sure to choose the sleeping option when faced with the arc-tower thing when piero and Sokolov become best bros again m8s!

-The Light at the end: Get back into the water once Sammy drops you off and says his last goodbyes, and swim to the right of the island. There is a sewer hatch that stays open on the far right that you can blink to. After that, go outside to the next door on your right. Sneak until you get to the sewage house or w/e. and open the gate with the wheel on top of the sewer grate (it is near the rune and the wheel is directly above it) That gets you to the final part of your journey, you then climb the chain to where the elevator is. Once you do this knock Havelock out with a sleep dart after witnesses the disturbing demise of your once former comrades.

Congrats m8s!

You are truly a force to be reckoned with, a silent death that lurks in the shadows, a pure unadulterated badass assassin that slips into the shadows like a ghost. Congrats m8s! You now have the Ghost Achievement! 😀