Tomb Raider Guide

How to good play? (MP) for Tomb Raider

How to good play? (MP)


In this guide you will learn how to start your adventure in the game Tomb raider on multiplayer. I apologize for my language but I do not come from any English speaking country. Have fun reading! : D if you have questions, add me to your friends (>Y.W.N<Venom)When you read, you can give a like 🙂


-First you must get a minimum 34 lvl, because you have to unlock some good weapons.
-When you got this select the right weapon for you (I recommend the bow) for Survivors and Solari.

-In settings set good mouse sensitivity

-Next you must learn how to move and get to know the map
But…primarily look at experienced players
Good luck ! If you have any questions add me to friends !My profile