Muck Guide

how to have a little but more fun in Muck for Muck

how to have a little but more fun in Muck


A few things that could help you have a little bit more fun in Muck

Play with your friends with pvp on

This one is really fun if you able to get a full lobby you could prob make a battle royal

Try to make cool builds

There are so many builds you can make fun one in my opinion are stairways to heaven or mansions

Try to break and open everything in the island

If your in endgame and have nothing else to do try break all rocks tree ores or open every chest

Try to box the whole island in a box

This will take a long time but its something fun you can do with friends or by yourself

Crate little challenges for yourself

this will make your game play harder but little bit more fun

i know some of these are kinda obvious