Castle Crashers® Guide

How to Industrialist for Castle Crashers

How to Industrialist


In this guide you will discover where he is found, how to get it and how to use his magic.

Character’s origin

The Industrialist comes from the Industrial Castle right after Pipistrello’s cave.
He can be also found dead at the Necromancer boss fight.

How to unlock him

The way you unlock him is pretty basic you just finish the game with the Blue Knight.

Is he good in Arenas?

Yes but be careful to not use his RT+Y too much.

His Magic

Its too good. The power to do unlimited saw magic is unbeatable. If you have the choice to choose him as a player, go for it. You will make alot of players suffer and rage with max magic power with a magic boost weapon like the Unicorn Horn sword. With this character, YOU HAVE THE POWER IN YOUR HANDSsame for the Fencer.