Fallout: New Vegas Guide

How to install New Vegas Script Extender (NVSE) for Fallout: New Vegas

How to install New Vegas Script Extender (NVSE)


A guide to downloading New Vegas Script Extender.

(English) Prelude

So after all if you are not full of two sense like me (And i mean i really really lack it sometimes when it comes to modding) You may require this. It’s fairly simple when you are smart about it (Again unlike me). I asked myself hey maybe there are people like yourself that are like you and may lack two cents and need a guide to downloading the nvse. And than i told myself perhaps i am right and this is something all fine men of New Vegas require to live a long happy *Ahem* mod filled life.

The actual (How to for dummies or those who think they are)

So it involves putting it just into the Fallout new vegas folder pretty simple right? Yes

But it becomes complicated aswell since it is highly recommended you have something like 7zip or winrar. I don’t know if that is relevant i’ll be honest since i think plain old “Extract file here” can still work.

If you need this in very very basic language i can give it to you this way. Open up Window explorer (No Tiny Tim not internet exploder i said windows explorer, I.e. your files).

Go to (Program Files (x86)) and open that up because like all steam games it is located within this region.

Next we go double click on (Steam) (Insert pun or lame joke here)

Than we click on little itty bitty (Steam apps)

We will find go then to (Common) and find (fallout new vegas) within it

(*Note at bottom the Vewy vewy vewy vewy vewy vewy vewy vewy vewy vewy vewy* Destinct way that the new vegas folder looks. If it does not look like that you are doing it wrong.

The website for NVSE (I know right, You thought i would forget this one).

The link: [link]

If you are like me an Internet germaphobe i call it, You are maybe afraid of any bits of viruses or bad files on the internet correct? But i can assure you this is the right link as stated myself it took me alot to accept the download of this. Just extract these to the (fallout new vegas) directory and you are done.