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How to install XRE Cars for Fallout: New Vegas

How to install XRE Cars


How to install XRE Cars the right way trying to minimize the frusturation.This guide will include how to do it with new vegas mod manager and manualy. For both ways Fallout Mod Manager is recommended


From my watchful eye i have observed how people love the idea of anything from trucks, cars, motorcycles, and even planes in their New Vegas game. Let alone some (Like I myself,) have been those who suffered from either lack of instruction or just not processing given instructions to installation of these peripherals on our New Vegas game. So here for those who are frusturated i will teach you what i know and what i have learned into a somewhat easier idea.


Where are we going to make this download you may ask? I will tell you that it is “Fairly” simple to find.

New vegas nexus! [link]

I highly recommend you use New Vegas mod manager for this part because i never like extracting files myself when i can just click a button to do it for me.

Actual installation

So when we use Nmm it seems like we can just start playing. Sadly that is not always the case. There are many-a-things we must include and i will walk through the many “Potent problems” we face among this

1. Files Deemed “Read only”
– This is one i hated to do myself but is crucial, If your fallout.ini is sanctioned read only it means that changes can not be made to it. This is like if i had a book and i could only read what it said but i can not add any writing to it. So to make it “Not read only” We will right click on it and in “General” it should have a read only box marked. If this is so unmark it click okay and you are golden.

2. Restarting with “Making changes”
-This is a big one that has always caused frusturation to me. You pass the loading screen and what do you see? It wants to make changes to your game so you do so, So we reload our game but it does it again. Now we get frusturated and we try looking for a problem. I found the problem is ussualy linked to the files being read only like mentioned above or it you have to make the changes to the file itself. This part i won’t go into detail so i will add links to other helpful pages in the end.

3. No it’s not possessed.
– After all this we still can’t find out why it just won’t work. There is always a solution to a problem but with xre cars it feels like there never is. my recommedation is just go to the links i will provide and figure it out yourself.

Links links links links links links links links links! OH, and more links!