Muck Guide

How to jump in Muck for Muck

How to jump in Muck


i will teach you how u jump

How to do it

This guide will teach u how to jump in the game muck

Jumping in muck is very easy. I will explain it in different steps.

step one: open muck in steam

step two: host a lobby or join one

step three: get a job at NASA

step four: invent a rocket that can go to mars

step five: successfully colonize mars

step six: terraform mars to make mars easier to live

step seven: invent a rocket that can make it to any planet in the solar system

step eight: successfully colonize every planet in the solar system, including the gas giants

step nine: go to your private tower on pluto

step ten: drink some milk cuz you’re thirsty

step eleven: start a game of muck alone or with friends

step twelve: press the space bar

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