Fallout: New Vegas Guide

How to kill Deathclaw for Fallout: New Vegas

How to kill Deathclaw


Here you will see how you can easily kill deathclaws. sit back and read. Have fun.

First; The Weapons you need

Deathclaw hunting is not easy, for this you need some weapons first

Gobi Campaign Scout Rifle

1. Gobi Campaign Scout Rifle;


I usually use .308 AP shells but it won’t matter much with other shells.

Fat Man

Fat Man;

Note: Fat Man can be found in many different locations, so I will show you 2 easy locations.

1. Gun Runner’s (with Gun Runner’s Arsenal DLC)
Note: You must not enter the building in that area otherwise they will attack you. You can shop from the robot at the place I marked

2.Cottonwood Crater
Note: There will be Fat Man in the corpse there, I think you can easily get the item after fighting with 3 Golden Geckos.

How to kill

go to any deathclaw district and not be noticed by deathclaw first. Then go to a high place where deathclaws will have trouble coming, and aim at the legs with Gobi, it will slow them down, then shoot with the Fat Man. Also, this is the tactic I use. You can find different tactics on the internet. Have fun 🙂
Note: this guide is for beginners, there are more powerful weapons in the game. You can kill deathclaws more easily with more powerful weapons.
Thank For the Reading my Guide 🙂