Fallout: New Vegas Guide

How to kill everyone in the fort in a few minutes for Fallout: New Vegas

How to kill everyone in the fort in a few minutes


In this guide i will tell you what you will need to take over the fort in five to ten minutes


you will need the following:
An anti material rifle and all the ammo you can get.
you will need to have cass or boone to use the rifle
two sets of mark 2 combat amour
a main weapon with all the ammo you can find. (I recommend the hunting shotgun with 4/ob)
a ton of stimpaks


if you want to go the more explosive route you will need a fatman with all ammo you can find, or a gernade launcher


first get Boone or Cass
next give them the rifle with all of the ammo
then give them the amour
check to see if you are good on stimpaks
make your way to cottenwood cove then head to the fort
refuse to give up your weapons
clear the fort from the bottem up to the main tent and draw out the baddies inside and bring them out of the tent
next go past the cannon and look for the batch of tents behind and fire the fat man several time into the baddies near the tents


you get new weapons, about 2000 to 4000 caps, and the satisfactory of killing people who treat wastelanders like trash

be aware it does affect the main game