Castle Crashers® Guide

How to Level Up Easier for Castle Crashers

How to Level Up Easier


In this guide, I will teach you how to rank up your character either from the complete beginning, or from it’s current level, to any level higher.


Weapons/Animal Orbs to use: Don’t use any weapons that increase your Strength Stat and use the Giraffe Animal Orb

You don’t want to upgrade your Strength because the game works where if you hit an Enemy 50x and each hit did one damage, you get 50XP but, if you hit an Enemy 1x and it did 50 Damage, you get 1XP. So basically the more times you land a hit, the more XP you get.

New Characters or Ones without any “Strength” Upgrades

These characters are easier to do, all you have to do is get to the level “Theives Forest” and upgrade everything except Strength. I recommend upgrading your Defense first, then Magic, then Agility. Once all of those are Maxed Out, proceed with the remainder of this guide.

Free Optional Program

There is a Program out on the Interwebs called “Auto Keyboard by”. I am not sponsored by them to say any of this I just think it’s a good program for this. You can Download this prgram by clicking here[]. Once you install it and open it up, set all the settings to how I have it set.
The “Shortcut Key to Start / Stop Key Pressing” I have as the Key on the Keyboard above “Tab” and to the left of “1”. What this Program will do is automatically make your character jump & spin attack so you don’t have to keep repeatedly hitting space – all you have to do is move your character around using WASD.

Gaining XP

I can usually Level Up 3 or 4 Times each time I go through the level “Theives Forest”. You pretty much get to the end like you would any other level, but when you get to the end with the Troll that sheds other Trolls, then you want to hit the key you keybound with that program. The reason behind this is because the Spin attack typically does 1-4 Damage per hit, so as your strength level goes up, this’ll be the easiest way to keep getting XP at a constant rate.

Basically you want to try to hit the hoard of Trolls without hitting the big boss Troll. Once the Boss Troll is killed, just go into the barn and when you see this:
You can exit to the map and start over, just make sure to turn off the auto jumper before entering a new level or tabbing out of the game.


This Screenshot isn’t from me, but eventually if you follow this strategy, at level 54 you should have enough XP to fill out 3 of the 4 bars. I hope this guide helped! And feel free to check out my