Fallout: New Vegas Guide

How to make an semi-honest living for Fallout: New Vegas

How to make an semi-honest living


make some caps (no killing required)

Step 1

Go to any casino in New Vegas (I personally did this in the Atomic Wrangler, if the odds are different elsewhere just go there.) and go to the roulette table.

Step 2

Prepare some chips.
{Recommended}- 100 chips
{Minimun}- 50 chips

Step 3

Place these bets:

– 20 chips on a dozen set (i did 2nd dozen)
– 20 on a color (i did red)
– 5 chips on 0
– 5 chips on 00

0 and 00 have payout of 37:1
Dozens have a payout of 2:1
Colors have a payout of 1:1

Step 4

Spin ’em round



The dozen is the main profit here. It’s slow going, but I’ve found it to be pretty consistent.

The color lets you break even if you don’t hit the mark with the dozen.

The zero bets are more insurance if you land ’em, key word ‘if’. It isn’t consistent enough to be the main profit, but it is worth the 10 chips I recommend. However, it’s not needed.