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how to make ememys go kill for Muck

how to make ememys go kill


Hello internet surfer, since you are reading this that means that you are in the need of assistance. In this guide you will learn how to protect yourself against the violent monsters in Muck (2021). This guide will only teach the basics, but the basics are important? Are they not?


Are you like me? Do you hate cows and murders? If so than this guide is for you, but how do you do this? It is a very complicated process which is why someone needs to make a guide on this topic. This could be confusing so I would recommenced getting some paper or a notebook, and writing this down.

What is a cow, and what is a murderer?

Below you can see a picture of a cow and a murderer. A murderer is someone who does the horrific crime of stealing people milk. They are green and very mean. And a cow is a type of zebra which gives milk. Although the cows do not want to give you milk so you have to make them give you milk, by asking nicely.

This is a video of cow in action:

[link] [link]

How to kill

First to put your hand on the electronic mouse, do not get this confused with a living mouse*. A picture of a electronic mouse will be found below. Once you your hand on the mouse get a firm grip on it, and drag it in the desired direction. This will effect what is happening on your screen, it controls where you look. Next once you are pointed at the desired creature hold the W key to walk towards it. Once you are close enough click the left button on your mouse to attack the enemy. Next repeat this process until the enemy is dead. Once you kill the enemy you can use the W key to walk onto the corpse and hold down SPACE to celebrate. If you are not sure where space is on your keyboard than it is under the C, V, B, N, and M keys (or at the bottom of your keyboard). The SPACE key is very long and unlabeled.

And remember… good luck!

EDIT: You will also need a weapon such as a stone in order to murder things. You can get a stone by repeating the same process as described above except instead of clicking you press E to pick up the stone. Then press TAB to go to your inventory, use your mouse to select the stone, and then drag it into your hot bar. Finally you use the numbers on your keyboard like 4, 2, 0, 6, and 9 to select your stone. That is how you get a stone Debazzelle.


*For more info on mouses go to

Dealing with the guilt of what you have done



Drink your milk, wishlist Karlson, and DO NOT SPEAK ABOUT THE DRILL gamers!

Anyways have an amazing day, and goodbye! 🙂