Fallout: New Vegas Guide

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How to Make Money By Gambling in Fallout: New Vegas [Rough Draft]


this is in me responding to anyone who says “I always lose all of my money in casinos.” you should be making money

Only Play Black Jack

Only Play Black Jack: you may be like why should i only play black jack becuse you can bet the most chips and strangely it has the biggest chance of giving you better cards with better luck.

How to Play Black Jack

How to Play Black Jack: from what i have seen with a luck of 9 you always want to hold at 18, face cards are 10. and any other card is its face value or the number read on the card so 2 of clubs would be 2 of clubs, also a ace is 11 unless you go over 21 then it is a 1. you goal is to get 21 which gives you almost a 100% win rate


Luck: Luck is the most importent S.P.E.C.I.A.L in gambling. it is the only thing that is taken into account when playing in casinos so if you have a luck of one well you arent going to make alot of money now are you.

What all of that means

so have a luck of 9 so you still have a extra S.P.E.C.I.A.L to use. Always play black jack it gives you a better chance. you want 21 in black jack. hold at 18 with a luck of 9. thats really it this is a affective way to make money. and if you want the AMR (Anti-Matter Rifle) quickly this is the best way to do it. Good luck out there High rollers.

this is my frist guide and there is most likely alot of gammer and spelling errors which i will fix when i do the final draft 😀