Fallout: New Vegas Guide

how to mod game for Fallout: New Vegas

how to mod game


how to mod fallout nv like a pro (only window supported, i don’t eat apples.)

step 1.

go to www.nexusmods.com/about/vortex

step 2

click on “download the latest version now”

step 3

bang bonk boom follow the install guide to install vortex*

*admin required

step 4

now look up “fallout nv mods” on your browser and click on nexus link

step 5 (pro mod man)

now find all the mods you want to install and go to the files tab on their nexus page (for the mod)

step 6 (the part where you actually do the mod thing)

install using mod manager (requires account) and link the exe to your steam game exe (local files blah blah blah who cares)

if you crash then brute force it until it works


now you have modded like pro