Muck Guide

How to Muck for idotes for Muck

How to Muck for idotes


If you are dumb then:First get rock. It is super ez with tutorial on but tutorial is kind of annoying. It can be turned on and off in your settingsNext chop down some trees with rock to get a big thicc workbench and pickaxe. Get an axe too, but it won’t be needed til laterNow you need iron which is grayish rock that looks like it is scratched up and you need a furnace to smelt it with coal which is a black rockAfter that you need to get the materials to make iron pickaxe so you can get mythril which is big blueish rockMythril is super helpful because on day 5 Gronk comes and he is scary and strong but you should be ok with good powerups and swordHope the game is pog and you should like it because it is