Muck Guide

How to Muck. for Muck

How to Muck.


How to beat Muck.

Start a new world

How to start a new world:

1. Press new game on the left.
2. On the top right select the difficulty and optionally a seed.
3. Press Start on the top left.

You successfully started a new game!

How to Muck.

1. Follow the tutorial on the bottom right.
2. Go mine some iron and coal and smelt them for some tools and armor (If it isn’t Day 6 (easy difficulty) already then try getting better armor and tools like Mithril and Adenmatite. Also get a lot of powerups.
3. Beat the first boss that spawns.
4. Search caves and other chests for a boat map.
5. Go to the boat.
6. Go to the chest on the boat for the gem map.
7. Go kill all the Gem bosses.
8. Repair the boat.
9. Make sure you are ready for the final boss.
10. Go to the ship’s wheel and press E.
11. Fight the dragon.
12. Congratulations!


1. Use seed 221294511 and when you spawn go forward until a lake is on your right. Then you should see a cave. Inside the chest you will find The Night Blade which is the strongest sword in the game.
2. Use arrows to kill bosses easier.
3. Building a house is not worth it.