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How to obtain the BONE MELEE WEAPON! for Muck

How to obtain the BONE MELEE WEAPON!


A extensive step by step guide on how to obtain the rare non-craftable bone item in MUCK

The guide

The Bone item is a melee weapon that isn’t craftable in game and is only dropped by Goblin bosses at battle monuments. this was obtained on day 1 (Day 2) and the stock image is a pile of goop with a tagline that reads “owie that hurtie” or something along those lines and also says that there are 20 of them as if they are an expendable item.
this leads me to believe that the majority of enemys in the game have some sort of “rare” drop only obtainable from king [enemy name here] like the wyvern talon being obtained in the same fashion as to this.
hope you enjoyed this guide!