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How to pick up a rock in muck for Muck

How to pick up a rock in muck


You are going to learn in this tutorial how to pick up a rock in muck!

start the game

open steam and find muck then click “play”

Host a lobby with friends or alone

there should be a button on the menu to host a lobby click it and then press Start after you made a lobby and your friends joined if you have any

find rock

find a rock look for one on the ground as rocks spawn on the ground they might be hard to see but trust me they are there so find one

pick up rock

look at the rock and find “E” on your keyboard then while looking at the rock press “E”
after that rock will be in your inventory and you just have to open “TAB” to look at your great rock or if you click on it with mouse and drag it you can move it in your inventory and use it!